The new Super Genius album, "Heel Thyself", is available now.
You can order it here.
WUML "Music Notes" CD review of the debut CD from Super Genius, written and reported by Perry Persoff for WUML. Production by Bob Ellis.
To download and hear this 10mb file,
New Album,  "Heel Thyself"
The latest issue of "Drumhead Magazine" features a nice article on Dave Mattacks & "Super Genius", including a "play along with Dave" mp3 of "Careen", from the Super Genius debut album.
Super Genius New Album Heel Thyself
Maybe you heard the Super Genius song "This Time" on the MTV reality show "Sorority Life"? Well, we're moving up to network TV--we've licensed the Super Genius CD to a reality show called "High School Reunion".
Dave Mattacks feature in Drumhead Magazine
Radio Review of "Super Genius"
Super Genius on The WB
Super Genius on Track Records UK
Legendary British label Track Records -- original home of The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and other classic artists -- has released the debut album from Boston's "Super Genius" in the UK.
The Track release, titled "The Cult of Money", features new artwork, all 11 songs from the band's U.S release, the bonus track "Hold Me Loose" and an "Enhanced CD" video of the band.
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