"Super Genius has a tongue-in-cheek name, but a sound that is meant to be taken seriously. This is not a garage band with a rat-a-tat blur. It's a group with expansive, well-articulated songs about romance and social conciousness..."
"This is a terrific, straight-up rock record from a quartet with an excellent pedigree. Singer/songwriter Mike Barry leads bassist Dean Cassell and guitarist Milt Reder (both late of Barrence Whitfield's band) and journeyman drummer Dave Mattacks (who's played with everyone from Jethro Tull to Paul McCartney) through a cycle of songs that are smart, funny, touching and melodic and evoke such folks as John Hiatt and Adrian Belew.
Especially good is the grinding rocker "The Cult of Money,'' which manages to simultaneously express Barry's disgust and amusement with material worship, and the hooky pop-rocker "Nothing is in My Head,'' which features a sweet Ramona Silver harmony vocal."
Steve Morse - The Boston Globe
Sarah Rodman - The Boston Herald
"This is music, isn't it, from people who really DO know what they're doing..."
Bob Harris - BBC Radio 2
Super Genius Boston Globe Boston Herald  Boston Metro  
"Barry credits the folks at Rear Window studio in Brookline for helping give the debut CD its unique sound..."
John Black - Boston Metro
"[Barry's] voice is deep, expressive and, at times, a bit rough, sounding a little like singer Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows. The music at times can be crunchy, loud, soaring and yet even soothing."
Sue Klasky - Town Online
"...I realize I'm not just happy to hear songs like this, I'm dumbfounded to hear another album like this."
Glenn McDonald - The War Against Silence
"All four members have exceptional track records and because of their considerable talents, Super Genius has a presence that is commanding, polished and highly entertaining."
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